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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Slightly Tipsy of Traveling: a Great Restaurant and Pub

Slightly Tipsy of Traveling is a fantastic restaurant and pub located in the Lakeshore Hotel in Tainan City, Taiwan. The amazing dining location fully incorporates the regional culture and blends together a variety of diverse materials for a unique design tone.

The restaurant boasts a gorgeous posture, perfectly mixing classical and modern styles. With such a distinctive style, the place finds itself filled with diversified furniture, a trait that allows it to shine well above others. Chairs and tables are not relegated to being typically bland restaurant furniture, rather becoming the key elements to enhance the overall atmosphere and texture.

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The place is shaped by a metal frame and a grid-shaped plastic arch, lined with densely arranged red brick, conjuring the feeling of traveling in Europe.

To provide a dreamy experience and to develop more functions in the dining areas, the designer ingeniously put lines and arcs together with a thorough plan to merge together the diverse elements in the room.

Meanwhile, artistic elements are blended in through the mix of materials, furnishing, and the selection of colors.

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On top of that, a fluent flow is formed by arranging seats properly. Whenever the customers plunge into or get up of the seats, the high and low changes in visual perception bring a new experience.

Green, yellow, blue, purple, and pink are baldly applied, carrying out various stimulations. It would be not only a great meal but also a feast to all of our perceptions. Definitely a great restaurant design inspiration!

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