Modern restaurant bar decor

Modern Restaurant Bar Decor Inspiration

Modern interior design contains a luxurious simplicity and everlasting relevance, yet it can be comfortable and cozy at the same time. Modern restaurant bar decor suggests sophisticated interior design taste, high-end cocktails and fine dining, thus it will always appeal to intelligent people who enjoy high-class.

When it comes to modern interior design hospitality projects with contemporary elegance, Brabbu Contract is the brand to go to. Their focus is on quality craftsmanship, luxury materials and the feeling of fierceness and strength that the furniture can bring to the room. Having a lot of expertise in hospitality industry, here is a modern bar inspiration from them for your next restaurant bar interior design project.

Brabbu Contract Bar Inspirations

You can feel the sophistication and glamour coming from this modern bar ambiance, which features ZULU Bar Chair.

ZULU Bar Chair Brabbu Contract

This is an elegant bar chair, the structure and color of which give the prestige that your modern restaurant bar requires, while the velvet gives the softness, which is necessary for every sophisticated personality.


AGRA Bar Table is the modest setting inspired by one of the most famous monuments in the world, Taj Mahal, also known as the marble mausoleum.

Agra Bar Table

This bar table is an impressive display of craftsmanship and elegance. Made of Estremoz marble with polished gold details, this bar table will add refined grace into your modern interior design restaurant.

Lighting Solutions are also very important for a modern interior design of your restaurant. VELLUM Suspension Light will surely bring warmth and coziness for the interior.

Vellum Suspension Light Brabbu

Featuring a structure in hammered brushed aged brass, VELLUM light creates a cozy lighting within the restaurant bar environment that will make your guests comfortable and relaxed.


Hopefully you can already see that modern restaurant decor has a refined feeling, which can only be created by high-end modern furniture and Brabbu Contract is here to lead the way.

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