Restaurant Interior Design – 7 things to consider when designing one

By Beatriz Vieira


Restaurant interiors are a huge playground, and it has a bigger role in the whole experience…bigger than we imagine! We know that it needs more than a good review, and know-how that complements the menu, to create an A restaurant interior design rating. From the lighting fixtures to the restaurant colour palette scheme and high-end contract furniture selection, we share with you a list of 7 insights that you might want to consider to design a restaurant, in a near future…and all of it with a little David Collins inspirations!

The Carriage House lounge area decor by David Collins


As with residential projects, high up on the subject list for restaurant decor ideas is that of the colour palette scheme. Colour in a restaurant layout can also become a huge start talking point. David Collins Studio often uses colour as a trademark in numerous high-end hospitality projects, such as the Blue Bar at The Berkeley or the heather cashmere walls in The American Bar at Gleneagles. Remember, also, with colour decisions to reflect on how they sit together in daylight and how they evolve when night falls and they rely on candle and lamp light for luminosity.

David Collins restaurant ideas (6)

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There’s a purely functional aspect to the restaurant’s area too though. David Collins Studio always stresses the importance of a clear operational layout for staff and patrons to move freely. A division between the bar and restaurant area is another question to be answered on the subject of the layout.

David Collins restaurant ideas (5)


When a restaurant approaches its furniture choices as objects of function and nothing else, the entire experience becomes underrated. The importance of carefully restaurant chairs selection, tables and accent pieces is not to be underestimated. In all of David Collins projects, bespoke restaurant furniture resonates chef’s vision and in turn, the restaurant’s atmosphere. For Tom Kerridge’s Bar and Grill at Corinthia London, the restaurant’s bar design features club-style and highly comfortable modern bar stools. This style is continued through to the restaurant with its deep, Chesterfield-inspired banquettes in cherry red leather. Such furniture choices reinforce the menu’s message of classic British cuisine that marries comfort with unwavering quality.

David Collins restaurant layout at Corinthia London


Arguably one of the most crucial aspects of restaurant interior design, lighting ideas must be respectful of the fine line between necessary, task-style beams and ambient illumination. David Collins Studio also acknowledges the effect that lighting has on each guest, considering what is the most flattering light at every angle. In the Harrods Dining Hall, they focus the lighting fixtures on the plate to showcase the food!

Lighting bar ideas by David Collins


It’s not uncommon to hear interior designers aficionados claim that to know the true dedication to design of a restaurant, you must check out the bathroom. This is where the same level of attention to detail seen in the main restaurant either flails or flourishes. The combination and contrast of materials are a demanding task to bathrooms. Marble and stone give a luxurious finish and contrast beautifully with timber, which can add warmth. Mirrored glass, brass and nickel, can provide you with the warmth you need.

Bathroom restaurant decor ideas

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Remember too that in the social media-centric world that we live in, carving out areas of appealing vignettes, complete with trinket boxes, decorative bowls and impressive floral arrangements, means your restaurant’s design is all the more likely to become a must-visit and must-photograph location.

David Collins Studio ideas


By extension of decor and accessories, displaying expertly curated arts and artefacts speaks volumes to guests. They serve as points of interest, they reinforce or subvert the overall restaurant interior design direction and they add warmth and texture to space. Restaurant wall decor deserves as much thought as would be given in a residential project. Art adorning the walls and sculptures atop tables are luxurious details that reveal the establishments DNA.

David Collins restaurant decor ideas


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