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Restaurants With a View: The Go-Tos When in Rome

If you are thinking of travelling to Rome, and you’re a fan of finesse cuisine and breathtaking view, we got your back. Here we recommend the best restaurants in Rome with a view, enjoy dinner whilst experiencing stunning views of this magnificent city.

Imàgo at Hassler Hotel

This Michelin-starred restaurant is sure to take your breath away. Located in the elegant Hassler Hotel, Imàgo graces you with unparalleled views coupled with delicious fine dining.

Restaurants With a View: The Go-Tos When in Rome

Whether you come to experience Chef Francesco Apreda’s inventive menu items or simply share a glass with a loved one looking out into the vast cityscape of Rome, Imàgo is a must-see. A bonus addition to this five-star atmosphere, the staff is incredible and truly shapes the perfect Italian dining experience.

Aroma at Palazzo Manfredi

This intimately styled Michelin-starred restaurant with less than 30 tables, sitting parallel to the Colosseum, and coupled with some of the most classic Roman and Italian dishes will give you one of the most quintessential Roman experiences imaginable.

Restaurants With a View: The Go-Tos When in Rome

Many of us Roman tourists strive to have the perfect Eat, Pray, Love the moment when we look up and think to ourselves, “Wow! I am in Italy”. This is exactly the experience you get whenever you visit Aroma. With one of the best views in Rome paired with Michelin-starred dining by Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, it is truly a memory of a lifetime.

La Pergola at Rome Cavalieri

Not only does this restaurant have some of the most magnificent panoramic views and delectable gourmet Italian cuisine, but La Pergola is the only three-star Michelin restaurant in Rome.

Restaurants With a View: The Go-Tos When in Rome

Under the guidance of world-famous Chef Heinz Beck, this restaurant is arguably the epitome of fine dining and the interior and exterior are beautiful beyond words. For many travellers, this is definitely the place to go to treat oneself. This dip into the Italian philosophy of La Bella Figura will truly be one for the books.

Mirabelle at Hotel Splendide Royale

Although it is not essential that you be on a date when visiting this restaurant, it definitely helps. The romantic ambience coupled with the breathtaking views, while enjoying a candlelit dinner of high-end Italian cuisine, is a perfect night shared with any loved one.

Restaurants With a View: The Go-Tos When in Rome

Unlike many other restaurants with a view, you are not solely graced with views of the city, but also the beautiful Villa Borghese gardens, which is slightly incorporated in some of their patio areas. With a truly panoramic view of Rome, you are bound to breathless no matter where you sit.


Minerva Roof Garden at Grand Hotel de la Minerve

With good food and even better views, Minerva Roof Garden is a must-see. With a great ambience and a view of the Pantheon, you are guaranteed an enjoyable time. However, an added bonus that has seemed to be one of their greatest highlights, is the magnificent view of the sunset.

Restaurants With a View The Go-Tos When in Rome

So whether you choose to stop by for a full five-course meal or just share a cocktail with a friend, you are sure to enjoy some of the best views of Rome whether the sun is coming up or going down.

La Terrazza & Il Giardino at Hotel Eden

Il Giardino is a Mediterranean rooftop restaurant and bar, which has become another Roman hotspot with a view of countless historic sites. An additional bonus that is really the cherry on top of this cake of elegance is their live music performances, hosting an array of different artists.

Restaurants With a View The Go-Tos When in Rome

While for the epitome of romance, head to the Michelin-starred restaurant La Terrazza, also under the guidance Chef Fabio Ciervo, offering equally spectacular views of the Eternal City.

Roof Garden at Hotel Forum

With arguably the best view of the Roman Forum, Roof Garden is a must on this list. With great service, great food, and great drinks I suggest this restaurant as either your introduction to Rome or your farewell.

Restaurants With a View The Go-Tos When in Rome

Although the restaurant is intimately styled, popular, and in the heart of the city, it thankfully lacks the overcrowded stuffy feeling you would expect. Whether you are just grabbing lunch between tours or settling down for the day with a nice meal, this is a guaranteed unforgettable stop.

I Sofà Restaurant Roof Terrace

How they have managed to seamlessly intertwine elegance and relaxation is beyond me. On top of that, compared to other restaurants around the area, and of this calibre, it is very fairly priced.

Restaurants With a View The Go-Tos When in Rome

With their open-air rooftop restaurant, you have some of the most amazing views of the surrounding city. With the perfect decor, food, staff, views, and all-around the atmosphere, there’s no way you could have a bad day if this is on the calendar.


Il Fungo Quattordicesimo Piano

On the fourteenth floor of Il Fungo dell’ Eur, or the mushroom, you’ll find one of the most beautiful and diverse views of the Eternal City. A circular-shaped restaurant offering 360-degree views of the stunning EUR neighbourhood and beyond awaits you, paired with dishes you’ll remember!

Restaurants With a View The Go-Tos When in Rome

Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, the delicious food along with the sight of Rome during the day or lit up at night will surely make your experience an unforgettable one.

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