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Restaurant Interior Design Excellence at AMMO by Joyce Wang

AMMO is a luxury modern interior design restaurant in Hong Kong, certainly one of the best restaurant design projects by Joyce Wang.

The beginning of Joyce Wang’s career was marked with the successful completion of a 60-room hotel renovation in Los Angeles; an international award from the well known Interior Design Magazine for an office space in Hong Kong and a commission from one of the most respected property developers also from Hong Kong. With force, attention to detail and determination, Wang has accomplished a number of successful interior design projects and there is one that we find especially inspiring – the famous AMMO restaurant in Hong Kong!

Ammo restaurant


Wang fulfilled all the interior expectations for context and historic significance that is suggested by the landmark building, where the level of detailing and atmospheric presence of the past lead to an interior that is like no other. Following both a dramatic and a dynamic approach, this 6m high restaurant brings inspiration and excitement even to the most undesign-trained eye. The source of inspiration for AMMO was derived from a science fiction film noir masterpiece directed by Jean-Luc Godard known as ‘Alphaville’. This particular 1960’s influence is one of the jewel attributes as to why this space has such importance.

Upon entrance, your attention is drawn to the three custom built sculptural spiral staircase chandeliers purely constructed out of copper plumbing pipes. Throughout ‘Alphaville’ the notion of the spiral staircase recurs with a great sense of illustrated motion and change of scene. Here the miniscule scale of detailing is truly what Joyce Wang is characterized for. Each staircase pays tribute to the element of its kind: 1. to the threads 2. to the risers, and 3. to the banisters.

AMMO decor


Another very successful historic reference is the bunker-like ceiling. Supported by copper ribs, this structure is very warmly lit giving reference to the explosive magazine history. With all these features including the great-sculpted motif behind the bar, the diner is left to interpret and compare his interpretations as to the inherent historic values. The result? One can daydream for hours on end, as the product given for inspiration is great.

Ammo restaurant Hong Kong

Conceived from such great influences and then incorporated with great tribute, the result is an admirable contemporary restaurant interior design project!

Joyce Wang Ammo

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