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Nature Inspired Mays Restaurant by Daosheng Design

Mays Restaurant in Guangzhou looks like the movie set of a sci-fi version of Jack and the Beanstalk – local studio Daosheng Design takes the shape of the root, branch and leaf of the natural plant as a design element in this contemporary interior design restaurant.

MAYS Restaurant Interior Design

Mays Restaurant is a western style restaurant mainly based on vegetarian meals. Therefore, the designer takes the plant organism as the theme concept, through a certain spatial approach, let the environment and delicacies set off each other, create a dining space as “walking in the woods”, so that busy urban people enjoy the pleasure of nature.

Guangzhou Daosheng Interior Design

Local design practice Guangzhou Daosheng was tapped to create the interior design for the 280 sqm. (3,014 sq.ft.) space, and took cues from the dining concept, tapping right into the domain of plants and nature. Focusing on the rapid growth of branches and leaves, the front area is adorned by just a wisp of those roots, captured by meandering stainless steel across the ceiling. Furnishings are simple and functional, comprising of wooden tables paired with an elongated bench lining the wall, comfy chairs and wooden tables, in addition to metal-clad booths with round wooden tables.

Guangzhou Daosheng Restaurant Decor


The design symbols are applied by designers to fully reflect the beauty of nature in space. From the main entrance of the restaurant, first through the open dining area, the seat configuration is mainly wooden tables, the entrance water bar area of the ribbon line device is driven by eye movement, penetration, the device uses stainless steel hard material blended with stretching lines, vaguely depicting a natural scene of clouds rolling water.

As the graceful line moves, it enters the reticulated stainless steel independent dining area. Stainless steel criss-cross, like the infinite growth of branches from their own, revealing a vigorous vitality. Lights penetrated through the gap in the mesh, casting interlaced light and shadow, shadowing between light and shadow, like a mottled tree, the wind blowing clouds.

Guangzhou Daosheng Design

In the semi-enclosed compartment, on the shared long dining table, the designer breaks the original frame of the space with hundreds of fiber-optic lamps, hanging down one after another from high altitude, constituting the unique boundless forest in the interior space, so that the light and shadows combined with the outline of the natural forest landscape, interweaving the natural and mysterious dining atmosphere.

MAYS Restaurant Decor


The overall Restaurant Design and spatial planning have broken the inherent design thinking. Visible modern materials and natural design language complement each other, constituting both creative and modern flavor, but also the comfort of nature space. Apart from enjoying the pleasure of food in the space, guests can experience endless fun in a different Western-style simple meal environment.

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