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Nick + Stef’s Restaurat Decor Design

Inspiring Modern Restaurant Interior Projects by Beleco Design

Beleco Design are an award-winning, full-service interior design firm dedicated to transforming notable properties around the globe into beautiful yet functional environments. This company has created many outstanding modern restaurant interior design projects that we would like to share with you!

HaiDiLao Restaurant, Irvine – A hot new look for a hot pot spot

HaiDiLao Restaurant Interior Design

At HaiDiLao, Chinese hot pots aren’t just a meal, they’re an experience. These restaurants know how to make a bold impression with traditional comfort food. To give their Irvine location an equally bold look, we used eye-catching patterns inspired by traditional Chinese pottery in celadon and red. Fresh, fun details like custom-made birdcage lamps and red accents on the chairs livened up the space. The rest of the finishes were kept neutral to provide the balance needed to appreciate such colorful interior design.

HaiDiLao Restaurant

BRABBU Catalogue

Vol. 39 Bar – A classic intellectual haven

Vol. 39 Bar Decor

One might imagine Oscar Wilde seated at this bar if he were alive today — or Mad Men’s Don Draper having a two-martini lunch. Tucked off The Gray Hotel lobby, Vol. 39 is at once opulent and intimate, a blend of dignity and glamour with a pinch of audacity. Named after the vintage leather-bound encyclopedias found during the building’s renovation, the bar is reminiscent of a law library graced with plush seating, dark Chevron wood floors and petite spotlights. As the hotel so eloquently stated, “If the bar were a book, it’d be an old favorite, the kind you re-read again and again.”

Vol. 39 Bar Interior Design

Vol. 39 Bar Design


Nick + Stef’s – A new angle on an old soul

Modern Restaurat Decor

After 15 years as one of the city’s finest steakhouses, Nck + Stef’s wanted a contemporary facelift to keep up with rapidly modernizing Downtown L.A. Our challenge was to reimagine the interior while retaining its mysterious, iconic luster. The keys to our success were in the restaurant’s original angles and folds, which we used as inspiration for playful new wall coverings, patterned carpets and elegant lighting. Strong geometric metal and ribbed glass partitions were added to provide balance and privacy while reflecting light in provocative ways. The showstopper? An irresistible bar, relocated and renewed to generate the open, free-flowing feeling that is “so L.A.”

Nick + Stef’s Interior Design

Nick + Stef’s Bar Decor

Ebook -  Top 100 Interior Designers

Forman’s – An indoor journey to the great outdoors

Forman’s Interior Design

Rustic yet sophisticated, Forman’s gastropub is our second collaboration with ACME Hospitality Group and a welcome journey into the Adirondack region of upstate New York. Inspired by Toluca Lake’s founding father General Charles Forman — a lumber tycoon, militiaman and upstate New York native — this communal space has no shortage of timber. Reclaimed hickory flooring, oak tables and a long oak bar set the stage for plaid wool bench seats, handmade ceramic tiles, boutique light fixtures and curated vintage artifacts. The result is a comfortable, craftsman vibe that falls somewhere between a hunting lodge, a mess hall and a pretty cool grandpa’s living room — just how the General might have wanted it.

Forman’s Restaurant Interior Design


Beelman’s Pub – A classic pub, with a communal twist

Beelman’s Pub Interior Design

When we were approached with this neighborhood tavern named after architect Claud Beelman, we couldn’t resist. Since it was inspired by a traditional English pub, we used dark wood paneling, rustic tabletops and cozy leather booths. The twist: a covered “beer garden” out front, complete with a bar window and communal tables, to attract local passersby. The final touch: images of Beelman’s works inside — a tribute to the man who designed much of Downtown L.A.

Beelman’s Pub Restaurant Decor

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