Camden Spit & Larder Bar

Camden Spit & Larder – London-inspired mid-century restaurant

Inspired by British haberdasheries, offering farm-focused cuisine and famous for chef’s pedigree,  Camden Spit & Larder is swanky restaurant in Sacramento, featuring mid-century interior design and luxurious décor.

Camden Spit & Larder interior design

 When Brendan Koon, designer at VITAE Architecture, was tapped to oversee the design of Sacramento restaurant Camden Spit & Larder, he sought to embed the soul of its chef and proprietor Oliver Ridgeway into the eatery. It was during an interview with Ridgeway that Koon latched onto a specific piece of Ridgeway’s past: that his father was once a tailor

Camden Spit & Larder restaurant area


This is how a dining room-haberdashery hybrid was born. Occupying the first floor of a notable Sacramento office building, the restaurant transmits the mid-century style. Here, a floor-to-ceiling glass storefront is a natural extension of the facade, which further illustrates the dichotomy between past and present.

Camden Spit & Larder restaurant inspirations

For inspiration, Ridgeway and Koon looked to British fashion designers such as Fred Perry and Ben Sherman, resulting in a mixture of navy, red, beige, black and gold color schemes, prints, patterns and textures inside Camden.

The London Underground train also inspired the color palette, while fixtures like custom dual chandeliers and reading lamps line banquettes, complementing the restaurant’s, residential style. Koon describes the brasserie as “a beautiful, rich space” that required “both historical and modern elements that can be construed as both brooding and serious.”

Camden Spit & Larder restaurant ideas

In the dining area, plaid wingback chairs and houndstooth ottomans surround black wooden tables, while a group of bar stools are arranged around the square bar, which boasts a ceiling-high liquor shelf and about 6,800 colorful buttons creatively attached to the walls below the counter-top. The 4,000-square-foot restaurant also features fanciful details like an eclectic style collection of desk lamps.


A private dining room dubbed The Larder, featuring a large communal table is available for private events. Meanwhile, the narrow outdoor patio that overlooks Capitol Mall is divided into four separate spaces, seating up to 12 diners in each.

Camden Spit & Larder dining area

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