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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

2019 Restaurant Design Awards – final shortlist

at Kempinski Hotel Muscat in Al Mouj Muscat (Oman)

HBA was called to design a restaurant area that offers a wide culinary range restaurant with a unique contemporary interior inspired by the topography of Mountainous Muscat. The client and Kempinksi were seeking an All-Day-Dining restaurant concept driven by a journey through “the Boulevard of Delights”. A requirement for revenue was 230 indoor restaurant seating capacity and 150 outdoor seating capacity. The restaurant is truly a unique concept to the classical style of the Kempinksi All Day Dining restaurant interiors.

HBA restaurant interior design ideas

This restaurant interior design looks and feels like a speciality destination Food & Beverage outlet. The spatial planning and zoning were an integral part of the journey within the Boulevard, a journey of discovery for the guest right from the arrival experience as they meander through a deconstructed path that will direct, guide and allow them to explore and discover the various cooking experiences. An adjoined café was also designed to become the spill-over during breakfast and later transforms into a moody café, here the Owners and Kempinksi allowed room for play for a more interactive concept with an interior look and feel inspired by the typography of beautiful and Mountainous Muscat.

One of the main features in the restaurant design area is the way the floor, counters, columns and ceiling are all integrated into one another. The way the ceiling morphs onto the columns and then facets onto the counters, and fragments onto a deconstructed floor. HBA found this one of the most challenging aspects during the coordination phase: This unique ceiling design intent was angular, with 3-dimensional faceting.  They had to consider all the MEP components, ventilation and stretch ceiling lighting.  Each angle had to be studied and positioned in a way that it did not obstruct any of MEP equipment and ductwork and ultimately the vision worked.

HBA restaurant interior design ideas

The floor is made of 3 marbles, cut into linear strips and fixed in-situ, this was a very precise application and dry lay that required marble specialists.  All local fitout companies and artisans were involved with HBA sourcing 80% of the stone used from local Omani mined quarries.

HBA restaurant interior design ideas
HBA restaurant interior design ideas

The overall contemporary restaurant design is derived from the core roots set in Oman, a faceted interpretation of the regional landscapes, textures & palette.  Throughout the faceted path, the guests will discover the various staging counters angular in form and topped with a travertine effect composite. Here one will find a mix of seating styles including stools, dining chairs, & banquette seating of which the fabric textures and tones rather than contrast, are complementary, adding a visual layer adding to the exploration and discovery. “an earthy blend of Omani hues”.

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WAVEHOUSE by Bishop Design LLC
at Atlantis the Palm Resort, Dubai (UAE)

Bishop Design was brief to create a dedicated family entertainment destination in the heart of Dubai’s renowned Atlantis The Palm hotel. The brief from the luxury hotel brand and hospitality heavy-weights Solutions Leisure envisaged the entity to become a first for the region, if not the world, as the venue would become a collective of spaces which would seamlessly morph into each other offering up endless dining and entertainment scenarios; from a dedicated restaurant, adult-only bar & external terrace through to gaming redemption areas, soft play zones, augmented reality experience & bowling alley.

Best Dubai Restaurants -Wavehouse by Bishop Design LLC

The inherited space was a nightclub venue which required intense demolition and creative design applications. Ceilings were required to be removed to create a split-level mezzanine for both ground and upper levels, encompassing uninterrupted sight lines throughout which would culminate with the incorporation of an active wave machine – accessible from the Atlantis water park yet dedicated to the Wavehouse itself. Aesthetic aspirations called for a hybrid of industrial meets surf shack; stripped back, refined yet synonymous with an urban style. Catering to all was an integral driving force behind the design integrity, as the venue was to become a desirable destination for people of all generations.

The restaurant interior decor was created to become the only licensed venue immediately accessible from the water park, with guests of both the restaurant and water park able to enjoy. Its “rustic beach bar meets industrial gastropub” ambience was desired to appeal to all thrill-seekers & foodies alike, and its versatile, dynamic approach to the entertainment was envisaged to create a hotspot for any type of clientele.

Best Dubai Restaurants -Wavehouse by Bishop Design LLC
Best Dubai Restaurants -Wavehouse by Bishop Design LLC

The bar encompasses a multitude of spatial experiences and layering’s, intriguing guests to penetrate through to the external terrace as the varying platforms cascade down to form a visual connection to the wave machine. This prime viewing spot allows for exclusive access to the surfing antics below, becoming an integral part of the venue. Upon sunset, the adrenaline pumping machine becomes solely inherited by Wavehouse guests, elevating the venues entertainment facilities to the absolute premium.

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TORNO SUBITO by Bishop Design LLC
at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, Dubai (UAE)

Torno Subito, the newest addition to the renowned W Hotel brand upon the Palm Jumeirah Dubai, is a visual celebration for the famed World’s number one chef and 3-star Michelin Holder Massimo Bottura.

TORNO SUBITO by Bishop Design (1)

The chef known for passion, creativity and even his quirky sense of style saw a unique opportunity with this venture, in that he could recreate his childhood memories through intelligent design and an innovative food offering. The brief was quite simply to realise the sentiment of Massimo having fun. It was to be a metaphysical manifestation of beach-side days reminiscent of Rimini’s coastal playground of the 1950s and 60s. Fun-filled days enjoying amazing food, drinks and ultimate relaxation.

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The interiors were to bring fantasy to life and transport you to destinations you couldn’t possibly imagine through an utterly intoxicating reflection of Massimo’s affection with the past. Film was to be an integral expression throughout as inspiration from Fellini films took precedent. The venue in its entirety was to be a beautiful fusion, bringing together the design, food and influences from the golden days into one harmonious offering.

TORNO SUBITO restaurant by Bishop Design

The language achieved was enhanced through the use of physically diversifying materials and interior installations evoking a recollection of memory and recollection of objects. Pastel tones are complemented with a bold mélange of colour, in turn, contrasting against a morphing monochromatic floor dynamic which seamlessly blends into a unique, three-dimensional agitated sand print flooring. Suspended from the ceiling hang an eclectic array of black and white Polaroid photos from the 1960s era, many from the films of Fellini to Massimo’s very own collection of nostalgic Italian summers. Cinematic ideologies evolve through the form of corrugated iron representative of a red curtain which surrounds the WC entrance. Furniture is eclectic, thoughtfully developed and sought from the design classics of Paola Lenti.

The interior perfectly captures Massimo’s view of the world, which is complex, profound and often filtered through a child-like wonder and enthusiasm. Aesthetics achieve a bright welcoming and ultimately engaging venue offering high-end food and beverage yet enjoyed within a casual setting.

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HIDE by These White Walls & Lusted Green
at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, Dubai (UAE)

HIDE is a three story fine dining restaurant in London’s Mayfair, situated opposite Green Park, championing chef Ollie Dabbous’ inimitable fine-dining cuisine. The venue consists of 2 restaurants, 5 private dining spaces, a feature bakery, wine cellars and a rare spirits bar. The brief was to create a ‘restaurant like no other’ and to create an interior that felt hedonistic yet homely, rustic yet refined, and unconventional for a formal dining experience.

Best London Restaurants - HIDE restaurant seating furniture

These White Walls created an interior concept based upon the theme of ‘Dwelling’, with rustic kitchen tables, cast iron stoves and formal wood panelling are re-imagined in beautiful and unexpected ways. Each floor Above, Ground and Below has its own distinct narrative and creates a shifting palette of materials that ascends from dark and deeply textured below ground, to light, smooth and ethereal on the mezzanine above. This has meant that guests are able to enjoy three very different dining experiences within one venue. Lusted Green dramatically remodelled the brutalist style building, creating a dramatic double-height dining space and mezzanine, that now endows the space with a sense of grandeur and interconnectedness.

Best London Restaurants - HIDE restaurant seating furniture

At each stage of the design These White Walls have taken ordinary design themes and transformed them into something extraordinary so that guests experience a place where the uncanny of the everyday is continually revealed. The design works well because it champions the intention of creating a special experience that remains based upon familiar design tropes. It was important that the food and wine aspect were not secondary to the design, and so the forms and materials were carefully considered so that they establish a sense of organic earthiness.

Best London Restaurants - HIDE restaurant seating furniture

The interior relates directly to the royal park situated just across the street, so the palettes of each floor relate directly to the physical sensations of the locality in the park: earthy and weathered at Ground, and airy and light as you come closer to the sky at Above.  A series of full-height triple glazed windows were newly installed to open up the once-closed façade, enabling guests to dine amidst impressive views over nearby Green Park. The opening of the interior has resulted in an atmosphere that is both intimate, yet expansive.

LONG HUANG by Studio Frey AG
at Zurich (Switzerland)

Studio Frey focused their design of the new Long Huang restaurant in Zurich’s Taistrasse lies on raw materials and Asian inspired patterns. Craftsman-like techniques with modern design and graphic elements create a contemporary and authentic impression. Custom made furniture, lamps and partitions give the Asian restaurant an individuality and at the same time a passionate character. The materials are rounded off with appliques and embroideries, combined with a harmonious colour scheme of blue, petrol and red.

Modern restaurant decor Long Huang at Zurich

The inspiration and concepts were to create a pan Asian restaurant inspired by a modern interpretation of traditional elements. The mix between graphical elements and custom-made furniture led to an open space where the three different areas blend into each other. The open restaurant with on-show kitchen, defining the centre of the space suggests ideal conditions for a relaxed get-together. Alcantara upholstered benches, Asian inspired wallpaper in red matching the wall lamps designed by Studio Frey in combination with the pendant lamps from Servomotor provide the right amount of lighting to convey a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Modern restaurant decor Long Huang at Zurich

The takeaway area and the bar counter are located in the light-flooded entrance area. With traditional Asian pendant lamps and a mix of chairs with different colours and an inviting atmosphere in the take-away area is created. Close to the entrance a staircase leads down to the restrooms, where the guests enter a world of blue coloured walls with an Asian inspired wallpaper. The wall lamps designed by Studio Frey convey the right amount of light to provide a spacious feeling.

Modern restaurant decor Long Huang at Zurich

At the back of the restaurant, there is a large room for private occasions. Depending on the desired size, the room can be divided with revolving walls. The partition walls are equipped with acoustic panels, which underline the private atmosphere. The room is equipped with petrol blue walls, a woven wallpaper by Arte and wall and pendant lights by Servomotor, which offers a modern and comfortable atmosphere with the specially designed chairs by Studio Frey.

at JW Marriott Hotel, Beach Road, Singapore (Singapore)

AXIS.ID envisaged Madame Fan to be a modem Art Deco Masterpiece, that will bring you back to the late 1930’s Art Deco Era. Reminiscing an interior ambience which will breathe an air of Opulence, refined Elegance and Glamour to historical NCO Club.

Luxury restaurant decor Madame Fan by Axis ID

Designed to provide the backdrop for Acclaimed Restaurateur Alan Yau’s Unique Old School Chinese Cuisine, the interiors are boldly accentuated with colours of Chinese references, amidst a changing orchestration of music, and theatrical mood lighting. The resultant Madame Fen is a feast for all senses. Starting from the reception, the restaurant area is domed by two Gold Art Deco screens and completed with a Bold Black reception counter, that showcases the hallmark geometric pattern, featured on the screens. The collonaded hallway reflects the same details of Gold and Black moulding to bring about the column’s decoration.

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The black and white marble tiles and the carpets are all based on a Hallmark custom geometrical design, that was created by AXIS for Madame Fan. This pattern is also carried through the wall sconces and screens. Through most of the space were in Metallic Gold and Black, the Main Dining is lavished with bright and bold velvet red, and an auspicious Chinese colour that compliments the Old School Chinese Culinary Concept, created by Alan Yau.

Luxury restaurant decor Madame Fan by Axis ID

The Bar Lounge and 5 Private Dining rooms have their own distinct colours, Turquoise and Teal. As these spaces are situated along the windows and are visually connected to the outdoor, the Teal colour is selected to complement the lush Greenery surrounding the premises. The VIP Private Dining Room transcends Luxury and Glamour. Gold, Yellow and Black, being the prominent colours in the palette, represent the Glitz and grandeur of the room, with an elegant custom designed Fireplace, crystal Chandelier and wall sconces, in the same Art Deco Design and Details of the roaring fate 30’s.

SWAN & BAR BEVY by Kobi Karp Architecture & Ken Fulk Inc
at Miami, Florida (USA)

This classy and sleek indoor/outdoor dining destination effortlessly combines modern chic cuisine and handcrafted cocktails. Kobi Karp specified on the first level, a full-service restaurant, including kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas, bar and incidental back of house areas.

Bar decor ideas Swan & Bar Bevy

The restaurant is situated in the heart of Miami Design District, a redeveloped area containing Luxury fashion stores like Tom Ford and Givenchy, 130 art galleries, antique dealers, eateries, bars, and many more cultural destinations. Swan Restaurant and Bar Bevy were happily welcomed into the neighbourhood for its fusion menu using local and sustainably sourced ingredients; allowing visitors to relax, take a bite, all while absorbing the outdoor environment and tropical weather of Miami, Florida. The restaurant also invites guests to enjoy themselves after working hours to socialize, dance, and eat in a beautiful setting.

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Subtle nods to Miami’s vibrant and legendary Art Deco landscape can be found in the building’s pink, creamy opal and jade green colour scheme and pink-onyx bar. Magic City fashion is evident throughout giving diners incomparable vistas to enjoy with their meals. The restaurant’s discreet upstairs lounge has an electrifying feel and ambience in bold reds, blues and animal prints, with velvet seating, brass accents and tapestry-like wallpaper, guests are transported to an exhilarating after-dinner experience.

Bar decor ideas Swan & Bar Bevy

The supremely comfortable outdoor garden is within touching distance for those wanting fresh air. Welcoming tree-lined seating areas simply add to the experience along with the rooftop lounge. On the ground floor the overlapping spaces provide different options to guests; indoor seating areas with views to the outside, outdoor shaded or unshaded seating areas all with exceptional views.

Bar decor ideas Swan & Bar Bevy

The collaboration of designers makes the aesthetic and performance of the space work wonderfully in all its different aspects. The L-shape building block sitting on a square lot allows for a shaded courtyard space which is used for an outdoor dining area. The programmatic layout provides for the everyday activities to flow smoothly throughout the space while the interior design and landscape bring lush greenery, colours, and textures that accentuate the environment’s character.

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