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Restaurant Interior Design Ideas – the best StoneHill Taylor projects

Stonehill Taylor is an architecture and interior design firm established in New York in 1963. With primary focuses on hospitality, health/sciences, and academic facilities design, Stonehill & Taylor uses a collaborative approach to design and project management to produce unique solutions for each project. In Stonehill Taylor portfolio you can see the following restaurant interior design ideas.

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas by Stonehill Taylor

The Nomad Bar, New York

The NoMad Bar was designed as both its own distinct destination and a seamless extension of the attached NoMad Hotel. When purchased, the facade was almost unrecognizable from its original, late 19th-century design. The design team worked to reverse time on the building, honouring its history in the restoration with a wood-panelled facade and a bay window taken from the building’s original design to reveal the space’s interior.

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas by Stonehill Taylor

Conceived as a restaurant with a tavern atmosphere, space draws influences from The NoMad Hotel’s French-inspired interiors with subtle nods through the use of marble mosaic floors, rich textures and colors, and Persian rugs. The main bar is two stories with a large arch backed by an antique mirror and flanked by custom millwork.

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Prairie restaurant, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas by Stonehill Taylor

The Prairie, a new three-meal restaurant in the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, pays homage to the pioneering history of Minnesota. The multi-functional bar area serves as a breakfast station in the morning, then transitions to a full bar in the evening by sliding the covering panels on the bar shelving. Dramatic lamps are hung from woollen ropes on pulleys that reference early area mills. The Marketplace offers “grab & go” lunches and snacks, as well as local treasures from Minneapolis, including Red Wing Pottery, cookbooks, speciality popcorn, and more.

Paramount Bar & Grill, New York

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas by Stonehill Taylor

In the property-wide transformation of the historic Paramount Hotel, The Paramount Bar & Grill was conceived as a modern new restaurant and bar venue. The 20-seat full-service bar, visible from the hotel lobby, draws guests into space through dramatic lighting. Stonehill Taylor was in charge for the building but all the restaurant interior design concept was designed by Studio Meyer Davis, inspired in part by the surrounding Theater District, brought the venue to life with a vibrant backlit skylight, high-gloss ceiling, marble counter, Corso red accents, eclectic art, and raised banquette seating.

Diamond Horseshoe, New York

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas by Stonehill Taylor

Located in the basement of the historic Paramount Hotel, the Diamond Horseshoe was a legendary Jazz Age club and dining venue that gradually fell into disrepair and was left abandoned for decades. As part of the core design team for reviving the famed 1940s club, Stonehill Taylor, working in collaboration with Meg Sharpe Interiors and set designer Douglas Little, reinvented the venue to accommodate an immersive, interactive dining experience, while reviving the space’s decadent, old-world mystique. The design features curved lines to build a sense of motion and reference the original oval center, as well as a highly ornamental and decorative ceiling overlaid with raised seating pods.

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Artizen, Phoenix, Arizona

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas by Stonehill Taylor

For Artizen, The Camby hotel’s 56 seat restaurant, Stonehill & Taylor sought to create a warm and luxurious feeling with a rich, dark blue hue for the walls and accents including sculptural copper lighting, banquettes in abstracted southwest patterning, and contemporary art.

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