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An unforgettable luxury dining experience at Beefbar Paris

Following Monaco, Hong Kong and Mexico, the dining adventure continues between Ricardo Giraudi, creator of the Beefbar restaurant concept in 2005, and the internationally acclaimed interior architects Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet. This time, the studio design chose one of the restaurant’s Paris location; a suite of Art Nouveau and Art Deco rooms that used to house the classic brasserie, La Fermette Marbeuf. Restoring and transforming the interiors, the restaurant area has quickly become one of the city’s luxurious design destinations, a beautiful contemporary design that appreciates and accentuates the original features, fabric and style of the building to create an unforgettable luxury dining experience.

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas by Humbert Poyet

This is the eighth Beefbar to open, joining worldwide branches in locations such as Monaco, Hong Kong and Budapest. The restaurant is located just off Champs Elysées, occupying the former site of prestigious eatery The Fermette Marbeuf. Although The Fermette Marbeuf opened in back in 1898, the atrium wasn’t discovered until almost 80 years later – the room had been walled-in since world war two when it had to be hidden from Nazis.

Heavily damaged and in a state of deterioration, the interior design studio duo worked with the finest artisans and restorators to repair the structure and breathe life once again into the much-marvelled design, repairing and restoring damaged arches, pilasters, friezes and missing enamelled ceramic panels. Colours have been matched to the original decor in shades of green and bronze followed by the introduction of contemporary fixtures and fittings that give the building new purpose without impeding on the grandeur of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. 

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Restaurant dining furniture ideas
Restaurant dining furniture ideas

Humbert & Poyet have selected a rich colour palette that takes notes from the original Art Nouveau and Art Deco style along with the beautiful painting and murals by Jules Wielhorski. Olive green restaurant upholstery on the booth seating has been paired with a darker teal to create a two-tone effect that runs throughout the entirety of the restaurant.

Restaurant dining furniture ideas
Restaurant dining furniture ideas

The contemporary dining room seating was upholstered with an olive green and navy blue hues, echoing the wall panels color scheme. This contrast is offered by red velvet dining chairs that have been placed around brass edged tables, matching the restaurant carved gold pillars.

One of the most striking new additions is the black and white carpet design with spring-like motif, a bold decision that successfully pays off, uniting the interior and connecting the worlds of contemporary and traditional style. 

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Bar furniture ideas at Beefbar Paris
Bar furniture ideas at Beefbar Paris
Bar furniture ideas at Beefbar Paris

In the adjoining bar area and rooms, a similar design aesthetic continues with the same carpet, upholstery fabric and colour palette used to echo that of the central atrium. The murals give way to walls glad on the bottom half with a luxurious green marble while the tops are presented with a mix of simple white and Art Deco-inspired panelling, framing the contemporary brass and opal glass wall lights.

Bar furniture ideas at Beefbar Paris
Bar furniture ideas at Beefbar Paris

Built into the alcoves and constructed to create partitions between seating are a series of planters containing collections of tropical palms and foliage. The introduction of greenery softens the edges of the contemporary design, adding a natural touch and providing intimate spaces for guests to dine and socialise. 

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